Carlos Reyes was born and raised in Honduras. Growing up he was always interested in dancing tropical music like Merengue, Reggae, Calypso and native rhythms Afro-Honduran (Punta). In 1997 he moved to North Carolina looking for better opportunities that his native country did not offer. Living in North Carolina was a better place for him also, that’s where he got introduced to other Latin rhythms like Salsa and Bachata.

Carlos was captivated by the salsa rhythms and he decided to learn how to dance Salsa music. In 1999 he joined a Salsa Casino Rueda group under the direction of Alex Morales. That was Carlos’ first experience taking lessons from an instructor that lasted two years as dancer and performer in North Carolina area.

In 2003 Carlos was asked to join Mambo Dinamico Dance Co, under the direction of Norberto “Beto” Herrera to learn the different dance styles of the Afro-Cuban rhythms like; Mambo, Chachacha, Pachanga, Guaguanco and Bugalu. After six month of training with Mambo Dinamico, he started performing in North Carolina also on the big stage including; NY salsa congress, DC salsa congress, Atlanta salsa congress, Charlotte salsa congress and on the International stage.

After working with Mambo Dinamico for eight years, Carlos moved to St Louis, MO to start a new career and to follow his dreams. Salsa dancing is Carlos passion and that’s why he and his beautiful partner are starting a new Dance Company by the name of Mambo Revolution. With the experience of DJing, dancing and performing Latin Music, he is trying to create a new movement to help St Louis community to grow and to become together as social dancers and performers.